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Family Law

Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law understands legal matters surrounding and affecting you and your family are some of the most emotionally charged, difficult situations you will ever find yourself facing. Feeling anxiety about what is going to happen to the ones you love and the possessions you've worked so hard to earn is a scary position to be in. Mr. Faigenbaum understands your fears, and he will work respectfully to protect your and your family's well-being, treating you with the dignity you deserve

As a leading family law practitioner, Mr. Faigenbaum takes the time to get to know the unique specifics of each client who comes his way. That way, he can tailor his approach to fit the needs of each of them.

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Effective Family Mediation

Mediation is a mandatory step in most family law cases, and it can be a dissatisfactory process if you are not working with a mediator who understands this area of the law, local regulations, rulings, and similar case trials.

Mr. Faigenbaum is renowned as a skilled mediator, one recommended by countless professionals across the metropolitan area. The depth of his expertise gives him the unique ability to produce agreeable terms out of court. It's what sets him apart as an effective mediator with a record of success.

A Leader in Divorce Law Proceedings

No matter how aggressive your former partner's defense may be, Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law acts as an unyielding shield for you and your best interests. He'll advise you on your options, under all possible scenarios, so you know what to expect during every stage of your legal separation process.

Accessibility is critical to success during a divorce process. Mr. Faigenbaum is available by appointment 7 days a week, and his doors are open throughout regular business hours. With him at your side, you can get the sound legal solutions and information you need, as soon as you need it.

Child Custody Law Services

Mr. Faigenbaum offers his help for child custody cases. He understands the level of distress you are under when you are fighting for the custody rights of your children. He has been working in the practice area for many years, helping parents like you get the best custody ruling for you and your children, available under the most current state law.

Appointing a Power of Attorney in Case of Future Incapacitation

Whether you are planning for the future or tying up loose ends for a planned leave of absence, authenticating a power of attorney document with a lawyer is critical to smooth legal transactions being performed on your behalf. Mr. Faigenbaum is happy to draft such legal documentation on your behalf, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Let Us Be Your Guide to Adoption Law

Adoption laws differ greatly between jurisdictions, with dramatically different rules, responsibilities, and time requirements. Welcoming a child into your family is a beautiful experience that should not be hampered by complicated legal proceedings and undue stress. Mr. Faigenbaum helps clarify, strategize, and streamline the process so you can achieve your goals with confidence and ease. He's here to help you focus on the joys of family, not the grunt-work of paper trails. For a smooth and stress-free adoption, look no further than the law office of Donald D. Faigenbaum.

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