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Estate Planning Law

Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law is among the top-rated estate law offices in the state. Mr. Faigenbaum represents a diverse client base made up of individuals, families, and business owners. His clients turn to him for legal guidance because he has the track record, the expertise, and the history of success they need for estate planning matters. His personalized approach puts your goals and expectations first, paving the way to the preservation of your wealth for future generations.

Educated Estate Planning

Mr. Faigenbaum combines asset protection with highly intelligent estate planning law, securing your interests for the future. With his deep knowledge of state and federal estate law, he's able to offer a comprehensive range of services for all matters of estate planning. Whether it's your first time writing a will, or you'd like assistance navigating the estate taxation process, he's here to help you save time, save money, and take the stress of the future off your shoulders.

How Probate Can Impact Your Wishes

Probate is the approval process of your will. It can impact your family's access to your assets and make it difficult for them to complete the arrangements you have set in place. If they are unable to prove that your will is the final and uncontested copy of the document, this period can last indefinitely.

The amount of tax taken from the assets you have will be determined by the tenacity of your probate lawyer. Mr. Faigenbaum can help you navigate the state and federal laws governing this process, identifying opportunities to reduce your tax burden and preserve your legacy.

A Probate Lawyer Expedites the Process

The probate process requires the filing of complex documents that must be filled out correctly to meet the state's rigorous approval standards. Mr. Faigenbaum can speed up the process by going over all of the paperwork with you prior to deadlines, submitting it in a timely manner and defending this documentation during hearings.

With his ability to anticipate the types of questions you will be asked during a hearing, Mr. Faigenbaum can help you prepare for them. He'll give you the information you need to generate a quick approval from the courts.

Wills and Trusts

Entrusting an estate lawyer to develop livings wills, will drafting, and trusts is the best way to ensure your wishes are met in the future. Establishing a will prevents unnecessary family disputes and problems, and it relieves loved ones of the burden of navigating your debts, assets, properties, and charitable wishes alone. Mr. Faigenbaum makes it easy to protect your assets and beneficiaries, explaining each part of the process to ensure you understand exactly where your money and assets are going.

To inquire about Mr. Faigenbaum's local estate law and planning services, give his law office a call today to book an appointment to review your unique circumstances. He will be happy to set you up with a no-obligation consultation and answer any of the questions you may have regarding your estate plans.

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