Legal Services in Philadelphia

Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law provides comprehensive legal services to Philadelphia residents and commercial entities. Mr. Faigenbaum specializes in a vast array of practice areas, putting his years of experience to good use on your behalf. He advocates for his clients aggressively, putting your best interests first to protect you, your holdings, your entitlements and your reputation. No matter which area of the law requires your attention, Mr. Faigenbaum is here to protect your interests and defend your rights.

Fast Legal Aid Assistance

How do you determine if you are eligible for legal aid? In the United States, there are more than 50,000 people who qualify for legal aid. Mr. Faigenbaum is happy to review your case to determine your eligibility and help you navigate the application, paperwork, and processes.

Work With an Environmental Lawyer

Finding a good environmental lawyer is insurance against problems arising from changing environmental laws and shifting policy. Laws surrounding the environment are complex in nature and can change quickly over short periods of time. Mr. Faigenbaum is a highly educated industry leader who is well versed in rapidly updated regulation and policy amendments.

The Best Legal Malpractice Attorney

If you've been let down by a legal professional, suffering loss and damages as a result, it is understandable that you are tired of being messed around with. Mr. Faigenbaum is one of the best legal malpractice attorneys in the state, renowned for his tenacious negotiation skills and shrewd case-management tactics. He will fight tooth and nail for your right to fair compensation.

A Local Intellectual Property Attorney

An experienced intellectual property attorney will help you determine the proper classification and level of security your IP requires to align with the level of protection you desire. See how Mr. Faigenbaum can assist you in drafting and submitting documents for your property today.

Elder Law Guidance for Seniors

Mr. Faigenbaum's senior-friendly approach to comprehensive elder law allows you to take care of long-term care preparations, estate planning, will drafting, medical expenses, insurance and more. He takes the time to fully explain your entitlements, options, legal obligations and more, helping you achieve full control of your future.

Legal Representation

As an American citizen, adequate legal representation is your constitutional right, according to the Sixth Amendment. No matter your income or the nature of your case, Mr. Faigenbaum takes your legal representation very seriously. Don't wait around for days waiting for another representative to get back to you. Mr. Faigenbaum is here to keep you well prepared and up to date on your case, every step of the way.

Mr. Faigenbaum is here to protect your rights, interests, loved ones, business and family. If you are a Philadelphia resident in need of legal advice, contact his office to arrange a consultation today.