Family Law in Philadelphia

Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law is a renowned family lawyer with a proven track record of obtaining favorable rulings that match his clients' goals. Mr. Faigenbaum puts your best interests first, getting to know your case in detail and formulating the best legal strategy available on your behalf. He is respectful during this difficult time when emotions are running high and difficult decisions must be made. With him as your counsel, you can be sure you stand the best chance at a successful resolution to your case.

Collaborative Family Mediation Without Conflict

Difficult issues involving family members are challenging enough without adding in the stress and associated costs of litigation. Solving these problems outside of court can keep your bank account intact and allow you to move on with a resolution made in your best interests. If all parties agree to mediation, Mr. Faigenbaum is ready to act as a neutral third party to resolve the conflict and ensure your prosperity.

A Divorce Attorney Dedicated to Your Success

Getting divorced is a difficult situation for anyone to face. It is an emotionally charged time where anxiety runs high when you don't know what to expect. Mr. Faigenbaum can help you know your options, understand your circumstances, and find your best way forward. With his spirited advice, you'll be able to turn the page and move onto the next chapter of your life—all with ease and success in mind.

In the event your case must go to court for a decision made by a judge, Mr. Faigenbaum will be second to none in case organization and successful advice provision. His fierce argumentation tactics will help you pursue your interests, earning you a favorable position in the courtroom.

Child Custody Law: Making This Difficult Time a Little Easier

Disrupting the regular lifestyle and routines of children is avoided as much as possible when child custody lawyers are able to provide top guidance to parents. While it is not possible for everyone to continue to reside under the same roof together, it is possible to work out a custody agreement that allows your family to remain close and puts the long-term well-being of your children first. Let Mr. Faigenbaum find it for you: He's here to help your family come to a positive arrangement for all sides, including the children.

Navigating State and Federal Adoption Law and Documentation

Building your family in Philadelphia is a wonderful opportunity for joy and love that should not be weighed down by the stress of trying to decode adoption law and possible complications on your own. Mr. Faigenbaum shares his wide breadth of expertise to help you with every step of your adoption journey.

Don't let family law matters escalate any further than they already have. Protect yourself and the ones your love by reaching an agreeable resolution with the support of one of the most well-respected family law experts in Philadelphia.

Give Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law a call today to inquire about his full range of legal solutions tailored to your specific needs.