Family Law in Montgomery County

Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law is the leading family lawyer in Montgomery County. For 35 years, Mr. Faigenbaum has represented countless clients in numerous matters, including separations, divorce proceedings, arbitrations, and custody cases. His high success rate has earned him the trust and support of his clients and the public alike, helping bring disputes to a swift and favorable resolution.

Difficulties with family members are some of the hardest to solve on your own because of the intense emotions you experience when you feel have been wronged by your own flesh and blood. Mr. Faigenbaum acts as a barrier between you and upset relatives allowing you the peace of mind to consider your legal options.

Family Mediation

Mediation is the most affordable conflict resolution available and can start immediately when both parties agree to participate. Mr. Faigenbaum is happy to serve as your family mediator, helping resolve conflicts by acting as a divested third party. Transparent counsel, sound advice, and practical guidance are what you can expect from his highly successful mediation skills. With him guiding the mediation, you can be sure you stand the best chance at resolving the dispute in everyone's favor.

Intuitive Divorce Lawyers Make Negotiations Much Easier

Emotions run high when legal separation or divorce is on the table. Living in the limbo that is associated with not knowing what to expect is hard for everyone. Divorce doesn't mean having to go to brutal war with your former spouse. It is possible to negotiate agreeable terms that put the best interests of minors and both parties first. Moving on with no regrets is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in a time like this. Let us be your guide to doing everything you can to provide the best outcome for you and your children.

Child Custody Lawyers Provide Solid Guidance Through Difficult Times

There are many things a judge takes into consideration before determining who will be awarded custody of a child. Some of these things include who has provided regular care for the child prior to the separation, strengths and weakness of each individual parent, and the ability of either parent to provide the necessary care and support a child needs to thrive.

Our child custody lawyers help you present your unique legal circumstances by building a solid legal plan that allows you peace of mind and comfort knowing you are doing everything possible for the well-being of your children. We'll walk you through each part of this process, explaining all of your legal options and possible outcomes.

Navigating US and International Adoption Law

Mr. Faigenbaum is proud to offer his services for adoption proceedings. He will accelerate the adoption law process by clarifying the best legal route to your goals. Assisting with documentation, submission, and application, Mr. Faigenbaum helps you stay focused on what's most important: planning for the excitement of expanding your family. State, federal and global adoption policies vary by jurisdiction, and can often be complex and easily misunderstood. Let Mr. Faigenbaum clear the path to success for you and your family.

To set up an appointment for a consultation, contact his office today by calling (610) 642-1200.