Estate Lawyer in Montgomery County

Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law understands the complexities of estate law and the amount of due diligence it takes to map out a plan for your assets after death. As a leading estate lawyer in Montgomery County, Mr. Faigenbaum offers customized legal counsel that aligns your goals with state, federal and international laws, protecting your wealth from over taxation, and improving accessibility to your intended beneficiaries.

Mr. Faigenbaum is thorough in getting to know your wishes in great detail, to produce a planning vehicle that provides the most value to you, and that puts your mind at ease. His specialty areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Probate law and dispute resolution
  • Living trusts
  • Estate taxation laws
  • Powers of attorney
  • Assist in the avoidance of guardianship of estate for minors
  • Property protection from beneficiary's creditors

Don't allow the assets you've spent a lifetime amassing to get stuck in probate indefinitely. Discover the difference working with an experienced financial and legal strategist makes for yourself. Allow Mr. Faigenbaum to explain your options during a no-obligation consultation.

How Estate Planning Affects Your Final Wishes

A solid posthumous financial plan relieves the stress of looking after dependents, disabled persons, debts and assets, in your absence. Mr. Faigenbaum is here to provide it, helping protect you from over taxation by suggesting a myriad of legal strategies that best position you for long-term success. As a lawyer, he takes the time to get to know your wishes and current financial standings in great detail. That way, he can provide a tailored solution that distributes your wealth exactly as you wish.

Wills and Trusts

The importance of having a will or trust is evident in the regularly documented occurrences of disputes over a deceased person's assets. If you have not put any plans in place, your accumulated wealth has the potential to end up profiting the stranger, and the government, or stuck in probate, depending on your situation. Mr. Faigenbaum is here to help stop that from happening to you. He's here to help you navigate the law, draft your will, and a solid legal plan based on your desires.

How Long Is the Probate Process?

The probate process length varies based on the complexity of your individual situation. In cases where a will is contested, the probate period can last indefinitely until the disputing parties either negotiate an agreement or receive a ruling from a civil court. Establishing wills and trusts before you pass is the best way to streamline the transfer of your assets. Mr. Faigenbaum will explain the details and barriers probate poses to your benefactors, as well as offer a host of innovative solutions that align with your goals.

No Ordinary Probate Lawyer

Probate in Montgomery County is well known for being a frustrating process that is further complicated by unresolved disputes, contestation of wills and reluctance on the behalf of those who control the assets of the deceased. An experienced probate lawyer will expedite the resolution of disputes, assist in filing all of the necessary documentation and remove the barriers that are preventing beneficiaries from receiving entitlements.

To explore all of the options available to you, don't hesitate to contact Bernard D. Faigenbaum - Attorney at Law today. His doors are open to all in need of a trustworthy estate lawyer.